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Governance and Priorities Committee Meeting Added

To align itself with recommendations made in the George Cuff Governance Audit, City Council will be adding one Governance and Priorities Committee (GPC) meeting a month.

City Council was faced with two options heading into the meeting:

  1. Having two meetings a month, one city council meeting, one GPC meeting
  2. Having two city council meetings and one GPC meeting

Council decided unanimously in favour of option number two. With members of council saying this will allow time for Council to be prepared for items that will be coming up on the agenda, allowing them to do more research when necessary.

“I think this is going to help improve council from the perspective that we will we have the opportunity to ask those questions of administration in a public open setting, ensuring that as many questions are flushed out before hand, that information is able to be gathered and it will come back to city council meeting for council to set direction,” says Mayor Gerald Aalbers.

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“I don’t want to see us change our council meetings, we want to make sure we meet twice a month, we want to make sure the public is informed publicly on a regular basis. The [Governance and Priorities Committee meeting] is really a committee of a whole to look at what’s coming up on the Agenda,” says Councillor Ken Baker.

Councillor Baker adds, “the worst thing you can do is be in the Council Chamber and have no time to get your research done before you’re asked to vote on things.”

After discussion at City Council surrounding what day would be best for the meeting, it was decided the meeting will happen on the Monday in between Council sessions. The first GPC Meeting will be held on May 15.

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