Bishop Lloyd Elementary has partnered with the Lloydminster Native Friendship Centre and E.S Laird Middle School for a new Sih-tos-kaw Oskaywiwin (Supporting Youth) Cultural Program.

The program brings knowledge keepers into the schools to share teachings with youth about Aboriginal Worldview, Medicine Wheel Circle Teachings, the Traditional Stages of Life and the Traditional seven Grandfather Teachings.

Derek Hyland says the program is able to fill a hole at their school.

“Having the opportunity to learn and build understanding in who we are and who everybody else is and who all of us are as Canadians is an important thing,” began Hyland.

“Whether students are Indigenous or not Indigenous it’s really important to help bridge understanding of each other that can carry on for the rest of their lives.”

The LPSD says the focus of the program is to support and guide Aboriginal youth  to engage and develop identity, confidence, self-esteem and pride.