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Saskatchewan Conservation Officers Urge Residents To Leave Young Animals Alone

Government of Saskatchewan Conservation Officers are asking residents to not touch or try to help what appears to be orphaned young wild animals. They say most of these animals have mothers nearby watching.

They go on to say young animals chances for survival decreases when it comes into contact with humans. It is also illegal to take wild animals home. The government adds that these animals may carry diseases that could affect humans.

The only time a young animal should be picked up is in unnatural situations or if the parent is found dead nearby.

The government says to ask yourself these questions to determine if a deer fawn is truly orphaned:

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  • Has it been lying in the same position for more than 10 hours?
  • Is it vocal?
  • Is it covered in insects?
  • Is it wet indicating it has been there for a prolonged period?

They say if there are obvious signs of injury, or that it has been orphaned, to contact your local conservation officer.

The Saskatchewan Government also reminds residents to avoid wildlife that come into the city because large crowds can be stressful to the animal creating a potentially dangerous situation.

In addition, the Government of Saskatchewan says June is one of the peak months for vehicle accidents involving wildlife.  They remind drivers to slow down and watch for wildlife crossing the roadways and to be more vigilant around dusk and in the evening, as animal movement increases after dark. You can check out the Government of Saskatchewan website to find conservation officers in the area.

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