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Truck and Dangerous Good Routes May See Changes Coming

The City is looking at updating truck and dangerous good routes under the Traffic and Transportation System bylaws.

At the Governance and Priorities Committee Meeting, Director of Engineering and Planning Terry Burton presented information to City Council about current truck and dangerous good routes, as well as presented new recommendations.

Burton says changing the routes will require a lot of discussion between the City and stakeholders.

“When you talk about dangerous good routes, we’re talking about dangerous goods that are moving through the city and the company may not be residing in the City of Lloydminster; they may be in Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, heck could even be Toronto. So how do we communicate with some of those major carriers and make them understand the complexities of the City of Lloydminster and come up with a plan of attack or route that would work with them as much as the city residents.”

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Mayor Gerald Aalbers echoed Burton’s comments saying that the City needs to talk to those businesses before going forward with any changes.

“Certainly, those people, we need their input to understand what they need, to make it better from our perspective and see if we can come to some sort of common ground to make it a chance to improve the traffic flow in the city.”

The city also will be looking to talk to residents.

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