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Pride Week Proclaimed at City Hall

For the first time, Pride Week was proclaimed in the Border City from June 26 until June 30. As well, a Pride Flag has been raised at City Hall. There had been nothing scheduled up until a member of the community asked for the proclamation.

Members of the local LGBTQ+ Community gathered today at City Hall for the proclamation. William Yap was one of the members in attendance, he says, “it’s iconic it’s finally happening, it’s a step in the right direction is what I really would like to call it.”

Members of the LGBTQ+ Community outside of City Hall. Courtesy: City of Lloydminster.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers says, “it’s certainly important that we be all inclusive and the point being that there is no discrimination. That’s the most important thing that I come away with as I look back at this, is that we’re not discriminating against anyone.”

For the future, Yap says, “I really would like to see a little bit more of support systems for the LGBTQ community, not just for us that are already out and have had already had to take our licks but also for the younger ones that are growing up in this town that are worried or are scared because they don’t know if they quite belong or they know their parents aren’t really going to know how to handle having a child in the community.”

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Mayor Aalbers said the city would be open to proposals in the future for further Pride celebrations.

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