The Lloydminster Community Youth Centre has joined forces with the City of Lloydminster to help clean up graffiti around the city.

Last week, volunteers removed graffiti along walking trails between 36 St. and 31 St.

According to the City, the partnership had originally began due to numerous complaints about graffiti along the trails near Anniversary Park. They then decided that this could be used as an opportunity to show the positive impact youth can have in our community and to encourage them to volunteer.

Craig Torry, the program director at the Youth Centre says the kids love to get involved in the program.

“They’re excited and enthusiastic and they have the energy. I would say that they’re excited to be with their friends and doing something that’s productive.”

The program is also something that combats the stereotypes youth are sometimes given.

“People have that perception that youths are doing things that they shouldn’t be doing,” said Torry.

“But, if you get them involved with the planning, that’s really powerful.”

Patrick Lancaster, General Manager of Family and Community Support Services says the support for the Youth Centre and the program is immense.

“When the kids participated in the program, they got to see the positive reaction from the community and it really showed them that adults were impressed with that they were doing, and supported these kind of actions in the community.”

Future graffiti clean up days are scheduled for August 10 and August 24.