The City of North Battleford has made changes to their Community Safety Officer Programs that will give CSO’s enhanced duties.

CSO’s new duties can include:

  • investigating certain low-risk, not in-progress Criminal Code offences like theft under $5000, or vandalism.
  • investigate reportable collisions with no injuries in the city limits of North Battleford.

City Manager Jim Puffalt says allowing CSO’s to help with these investigations will benefit the local RCMP.

“Based on the RCMP occurrences, about 20% of occurrences are these low risk crimes, about 3000 occurrences a year, so what we wanted to do, of course, was allow the RCMP to free their time up for more serious crimes.”

He added, “I think it might be able to give better responses to community members, because again if RCMP are busy with something serious they’re not going to be able to respond to a complaint of ‘there’s someone entering my yard, or there’s something going on in the back alley.’ ”

The City says they believe this is a first for CSO’s across Canada.