The Community of Lloydminster has stepped up to help send a local family to the Colonial Days Fair.

On Friday morning, Adawniah D’Fraine posted in a local social media group asking for people’s empty bottles to help raise the funds to bring her daughter and younger sister to┬áColonial Days. She explained that she is a low-income family and bringing the two girls to the fair would make their day.

The community response was overwhelming and helped her to raise the funds she needed to make going to the fair possible.

“I just want to thank everybody who donated to my daughter and little sister, to take them to the fair. I’m just so happy that they get to go to the fair and enjoy being a kid,” D’Fraine explained while fighting back tears.

She added, “it means so much to me, it really does mean a lot because right now I’m struggling financially myself and this is a really big help.”

D’Fraine says she is really excited to see the young girls react to the fair.

“They will be really happy. This will be my daughter’s first fair to go to, and my little sister really wanted to go, but I didn’t have the funds.”