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No Property Tax Exemption for SPCA Land ‘Completely Understandable’

City Council has decided not to grant a property tax levy exemption for the Lloydminster SPCA. Non-profits can apply for the exemption, however since the SPCA does not conduct at least 60% of their business at the land in question, they did not qualify for the exemption. The land is located at 3714 47 Street and currently not being used by the SPCA.

“They did apply for an exemption but because there is nothing happening on that property, it was felt by administration and the recommendation they made to council and certainly we agreed with it was that we weren’t going to make a tax exemption on that property,” says Mayor Gerald Aalbers.

SPCA Executive Director Jon Punshon says, “there are rules for taxing not for profits and if they start changing that, then that has an impact on a lot of things for the City, so again if you look at it from that perspective it’s completely understandable why they made the decision that they did.”

The cost for the property tax at the SPCA is $5,727.67, a cost that wasn’t budgeted for.

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“We’re running very tight-to-budget every year, so this definitely makes things a little tighter but again we understand the City’s decision,” says Punshon.

The SPCA purchased the land from the City for a dollar in 2015, with hopes of building a new facility there. However, Punshon says fundraising for the new facility hasn’t began yet.

“Obviously with the economy being down and the challenges there, we just didn’t feel it was the best time to be fundraising.”

During the council meeting, the City and the SPCA talked about working together more to find a solution.

“We need the SPCA, they need the City and we will work together moving forward,” says Mayor Aalbers.

Punshon echoed the Mayor’s thoughts, saying “at this point it’s more working with closely with City Administration on seeing what’s available and how we can find something that’s going to be beneficial for us and the City moving forward and can ultimately help the SPCA.”

Property Taxes were due on June 30.

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