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Lloydminster Crime Severity Index and Number of Incidents Increases: StatsCan

Lloydminster’s crime severity index and number of actual incidents increased according to Statistics Canada’s Police Reported Crime statistics for 2016.

According to the data, Lloydminster’s crime severity index had an increase of 3.68% from 143.12 in 2015 to 148.39 in 2016. The crime severity index includes all criminal code violations including traffic, drug and all Federal statutes. All crimes are assigned a weight based on their seriousness. The level of seriousness is determined from court sentences handed down.

The violent crime severity index did go down in the Border City, showing a 4.68% decrease from 93.81 in 2015 to 89.42 in 2016. However, the non-violent crime severity index increased by 5.46% from 160.76 in 2015 to 169.53 in 2016.

The weighted clearance also dropped in 2016 by 5.47%. The weighted clearance rate is determined using the same method as the crime severity index, with more serious crimes being weighted higher. The violent weighted clearance rate increased 2.69%, while the non-violent weight clearance rate decreased by 7.02%.

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Actual incidents in Lloydminster also increased. In 2016 there were 4718 incidents, in 2015 there were 4678. The total number of people charged had a decreased slightly by 8 to 1,214. The total number of people cleared also decreased slightly by 5 to 2,225. In 2016 1,150 adults and 64 youth were charged. There were 182 youth not charged, which is an increase of 52 from last year.

Provincially, Saskatchewan had the highest per cent change in their crime severity index, climbing by 9% to 148.8. This is the fourth highest nationally. Saskatchewan also tied for second highest increase in crime rate of 4%.

Alberta’s crime severity index decreased by by 1% to 102.5, which is the sixth highest in the country. Alberta’s crime rate stayed relatively the same.

Nationally, Canada’s crime severity index increased by 1.2%, the second consecutive increase. Crime rate also increased by 0.3%. Across the country there was almost 1.9 million criminal code incidents (excluding traffic), about 27, 700 more than 2015.

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