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Olive Tree Continuing to Fundraise Following Grand Opening

The Olive Tree is continuing to fundraise to reach their capital campaign goal for renovations following the grand opening of their new location.

“We have about $20, 000 left in our renovation push and then the next goal would be to pay off the building in its entirety but our programs still continue to run and we still need to buy lots of food and those types of things. The need is always there,” says Becky Shille, Director of The Olive Tree.

The hope for the building is to provide more streamlined services.

“We were in about seven locations before and hauling food for every meal, which was obviously laboursome and made us inefficient but it was also confusing for guests. Just being settled in our own home is going to be awesome and it will allow us to focus more on the needs of our guests and launching these new programs.”

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The new building will house the free community meals, as well as some new programs that will take place during the day.

“As [renovations] go, there’s always a couple things here and there that need to be finished or fixed but we will be serving our free community meals here starting on September 25,” says Shille.

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