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Bordering on Disaster Conference Helping People Prepare For The Worst

Emergency management is at the forefront of this years Bordering on Disaster Conference.

The event featured keynote speakers talking about how they handled emergencies in their communities. One of the speakers was RCMP Inspector Mark Hancock, the Incident Commander during the Fort McMurray Wildfires.

“It’s one of the largest disasters in Canadian national history. Lessons learned, there’s several and I think lots of planning, mock exercises, tabletop exercises, thinking about what’s your strategy if this happens in a community, who’s going to take the role in your organization.”

Hancock adds, “the RCMP is very good at being reactive, but we’ve also got to continue to work on being proactive with our key stakeholders so when one of these disasters happen, we’re ready.”

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Fire Chief Jordan Newton says, “we’re taking lots back to the fire department, including just the check-ins the RCMP do. As well, the whole city is going to be better prepared with emergency planning.”

“The city does have emergency plans in place for any kind of man made disaster whether it be technological, as well as any natural disaster that could come to our city. There is plans in place to protect our residents and to care for them,” explains Newton.

The fire chief adds they will be going over their plans again.

“I hope we can better prepare our plans but for the whole conference, all of the attendees will be able to take something back, whether it be to their municipalities, rural municipalities or corporations and better improve their emergency plans.”


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