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The city moves forward with plans on the Wastewater Treatment Facility

City council has decided to move forward with a delivery method for the $80 million Wastewater Treatment Facility.

The Integrated Project Delivery method will facilitate the design and construction of the facility. The city is using ISL Engineering and Land Services to help with the overall project. Mayor Gerald Aalbers says that this is one of teamwork.

“We’re gonna need to develop trust between the engineer, project manager, the contractor, the subcontractors and the city.”

The model approved by council is one that has never been used by the city before, but plans to increase transparency and spread the accountability between the members involved. Aalbers said that there were factors that played into the decision and one of them was the unique model.

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“Today, we’re looking at something that’s innovative. It has been used we’re not the first of the kind in Canada or in Alberta so we’re using a model that works.”

To secure funding for the project, the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency set a deadline of December 31, 2020. Aalbers says that funding for the project is still in negotiations with the three levels of government.

“We are still working with our provincial and federal partners to secure 50 million dollars plus in funding is the target that we’ve approached the governments for.”

This is a cost sharing project where $75.9 million is available between all the governments involved.
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