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PNHR providing services for mental health and addiction

A recent survey determined that over 60 per cent of Lloydminster respondents said that they would seek out resources for mental health.

Prairie North Health Region Manager for Adult Mental Health and Addiction Services Binamin Konlan says that the first step to addressing mental health or addiction issues is to find out what brings people to seek resources and how can they help.

“Sometimes the person can present to us dealing with substances, but during the course of the intake worker obtaining more information. Sometimes it becomes clear that the substances that the individual is using is simply masking the real issue.”

Treatment services are provided based on the level of need and can be in different settings such as one on one or groups depending on the person.

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“Are you ready to go into treatment. If yes then we put you with a councilor to help screen you and place you into treatment or if you present an issue to the extent that you will not benefit from the group based program then you are seen individually by a councilor.”

Konlan says research proves that group services are much more effective in terms of addiction. However, before providing services to those in need Konlan suggests seeking out preventative measures so the need for treatment isn’t necessary.

“What we have noticed over the past few years has been that those that are able to receive preventative information than the potential to prevent them from escalating to a point of actually coming for services is often forestalled.”

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has services in rural areas along with urban centers. Konlan says that resources are provided accordingly to meet the needs of residents and their main priority is the privacy of their patients.

“So people know that when they come to address their service needs their privacy is protected then it encourages them to either refer themselves here or suggest to their friends or loved ones to come here when they need our services.”

Prairie North Health Region receives an estimated 130 service calls in a month for mental health and addiction in Lloydminster.

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