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Gerald Stanley testifies at his trial saying the gun just went off

Gerald Stanley second-degree murder trial continues as he takes the stand.

CBC reports, Stanley told the jury that he didn’t mean to shoot Colten Boushie. On Monday afternoon, he said the handgun just went off.

Stanley, a Saskatchewan farmer has been charged for shooting, 22-year old Boushie, after he and his friends drove onto Stanley’s property in a SUV. Stanley has pleaded not guilty in the Court of Queen’s Bench in Battleford.

Stanley said he was fixing a fence with his son, Sheldon while his wife was mowing the lawn. The SUV drove into the yard and the people inside appeared to be attempting to steal a quad ATV.

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Stanley said his son started yelling and when Boushie and his friends heard him, the vehicle reversed towards Stanley where he kicked the tail light. Then the vehicle went towards Sheldon and he hit the windshield with a hammer. The SUV then rammed into one of the family’s vehicle.

Stanley said he was afraid and in disbelief at this point. He walked into the shed, grabbed a handgun and loaded it. He said he heard two loud sounds and saw two men outside their SUV. He then proceeded to aim the gun skyward and pulled the trigger two or three times.

He said he believed the gun was empty after realizing he couldn’t find his wife. He thougt she was pinned under the vehicle that was rammed into. Before he checked under the vehicle, he reached for his keys to turn the vehicle off and the gun fired.

After a break from court, Stanley’s lawyer, Scott Spencer said this was a freak accident that happened during a scary situation. Spencer continued to say that the Stanley family were working on the farm that day and that Boushie’s death is a tragedy.

Chief justice Martel Popescul said the trail could end as early as this week.

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