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B.C wine ban more political than anything: Local Winery

A local winery is responding after Alberta halted B.C wine imports.

Earlier this week, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said Alberta would no longer bring in B.C. wine, in retaliation to B.C premier John Horgan announcing a plan to stop pipeline expansions on the Kinder Morgan TransMountain project until further review can be done on spill cleanup. This move is the second retaliation from the Alberta Government, after already suspending talks to buy B.C. electricity.

Lloyd Wine Outfitters Owner/Operator Nicole Dunning says that the move is more political than anything, but may still have an effect on people’s buying habits.

“Directly affecting us, it won’t affect our business per say, If anything it might actually encourage people to support more locals.”

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Dunning adds that Lloyd Wine Outfitters rarely imports B.C wine to begin with, because wineries in the province can’t keep up with the demand of the store, but this will have a bigger impact on wine drinkers across the province.

“It’s hard to say on where it goes really because 95% of Canadian wines sold in Alberta are from B.C., so if they boycott the wine importation than it is definitely going to affect Alberta.”

Premier Notley says that the tough stance is meant to encourage the B.C. Government to step down, and the Federal Government to step up on pipeline talks.

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