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Canadian Government to send emergency alerts straight to your phone

The Government of Canada will soon send out emergency notifications right your phone, in addition to TV and radio alerts.

Starting April 6, the new Alert Ready system will send out life-threatening emergency alerts to cellphones and wireless devices that are compatible with Wireless Public Alerting (WPA). Lloydminster RCMP Constable Grant Kirzinger says that the program is an asset to the community to ensure information is presented in a timely manner.

“The Alert Ready system is something that really encapsulates all aspects of emergency services whether that be disaster preparedness through to policing, as well as fire and any other type of emergency or emergency services that is inside of the City.”

Government officials have a list of the type of alerts that should be broadcast immediately, including a natural disaster, air quality and terrorist threat. In order to receive these alerts on a wireless device, people need to have a smartphone that is compatible to WPA and connected to a LTE network. Kirzinger says that information in an emergency situation is crucial to the success of an operation such as a City.

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“Ensuring that everyone is aware of what is happening and where to find information or what should be done is paramount in the safety and protection of our residents.”

Kirzinger adds that when an emergency happens there will be multiple ways to find information in Lloydminster, including social media and a distribution centre where people can go in person to access services.

The City does have an Emergency Alert Centre in place where residents can sign up for alerts through email and texts.

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