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HomeNewsKinder Morgan suspension to have serious negative impact on Alberta's economy: Starke

Kinder Morgan suspension to have serious negative impact on Alberta’s economy: Starke

Vermilion-Lloydminster MLA Dr. Richard Starke says that the suspension on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project is not a surprise.

On Sunday, Kinder Morgan announced that they are suspending non-essential spending on the project. The company said that they wouldn’t commit additional shareholder resources to the expansion because of the continued opposition.

Starke says that the opposition has been largely lead by the British Columbia government that is jeopardizing the project going forward.

“At some point the principles and the investors involved with Kinder Morgan are going to say look enough is enough we’re simply not going to continue to spend more and more money on a project that is running into this much opposition.”

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Alberta’s 2018 budget took into consideration the revenue from the project into their balancing of the books by 2024. Starke says that everything we’re planning for in Alberta relies on the completion of the expansion project.

“If that doesn’t happen it will have serious repercussions economically in terms of our oil and gas industry being able to expand and continuing to attract investment and will have a serious negative economic impact on our province.”

Starke adds that the project now calls upon the Federal government to take the necessary steps to move the expansion along.

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