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“Barn Buddies” help hard-to-adopt cats find homes: SPCA

The Lloydminster and District SPCA says their “Barn Buddies” program helps cats who might not be suitable for regular adoption find homes that meet their nature.

The program differs from a regular adoption in that it helps cats who have not be successful in litter box training, or may not be as interested in interaction with humans find homes as farm cats, or warehouse pets.

SPCA Executive Director Jon Punshon says there are many benefits to a business or farm who adopts a barn buddy and reasons they would choose to adopt through the program.

“Ideally, they’re looking for a mouser or a cat that can act as a deterrent. Sometimes just having the presence of a cat can be a deterrent for mice. Also sometimes people just like a pet around, but doesn’t need to be a cuddly cat that sits in the office, it can just be a cat that sits around the workshop.”

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Punshon adds that this also helps the cat be medically cared for, fed and have a safe warm home. The adoption process differs in that the cat has already been spayed or neutered, microchipped and doesn’t come at a cost to the person adopting it.

Punshon says they have matched all their barn buddies with homes this winter, but do see an influx in the Summer and Fall.

“Our goal is when they do come in we want to get them out as quick as possible, so often times we do have a wait-list of people that have contacted us but we just don’t have any. But when we do have cats, we contact the people on that list.”

Punshon adds that the process of adoption is more straightforward, as the surgery costs are covered through help from local veterinarian clinics and the process of introducing the cat is less intense.

People interested in joining the barn buddy program can visit the SPCA’s website.


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