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AGLC receives multiple applications for cannabis stores in Lloydminster

Three applications for cannabis retail stores to open up shop in Lloydminster have been submitted to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) since the start of the application process.

There is a two step process that retailers have to go through before any marijuana stores in Alberta are approved. First, the AGLC has to receive the application to approve a business licence then the municipality has to give a development permit for the store.

In Lloydminster, in order to receive a development permit, a cannabis retail store has to follow a new bylaw that stipulates that the store must be at least 100 meter away from schools and provincial health care facilities. City Councillor Jonathan Torresan questioned the addresses on applications received by the AGLC, where a proposed location was fairly close to a school in the City.

“When they go to get a development permit to actually get in the process of getting a business licence and everything else, they will have to follow the Land Use Bylaw in that scenario so it doesn’t effect the current process of applying for a cannabis retail business licence from the Alberta government.”

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The bylaw will be moving forward to its first reading in Council. However, City Councillor Ken Baker says that their have been multiple changes in the bylaw since it was first proposed and therefore waiting for more information before passing the bylaw is better for residents.

“We’re confused, I know council is confused, administration is confused because we don’t have clear direction. We’re dealing with two provinces and the federal government that are creating problems within our Land Use Bylaw.”

Two applications to open up stores in Lloydminster have gone through the first process with the AGLC and currently a third applicant, Namaste Natural Health Ltd. is on the list of pending cannabis licence applications.

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