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Five projects added to the 2018 Capital Budget

An additional $328,000 has been added to the City’s budget allowing them to complete five more projects.

The City’s year end audit has found additional funds that were not used through grants that are now being allocated to projects. Mayor Gerald Aalbers says that there were around 40 projects that were looked at before choosing the top five.

“I think all five capital projects, as administration had a list beyond five and they felt based on security, safety and customer service were important.”

The showers in the Civic Centre will update its boiler system for $15,500, as well as the landfill will see updates to its security system for $25,000. Other projects include grading and ditch work along 67 street at a $48,000 price tag and $9,500 in kitchen renovations for the Water Treatment Plant.

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City Councillor Michael Diachuk says construction on the pond in Parkview is one of the more important projects on the list.

“I walk by there and routinely you can see how the soil continues to be eroded away. Some challenges with that is that it continues to get steeper and steeper. If you’re looking at the soil eroding away, water levels and young children walking along the side if it reaches a point where it’s too steep you run into some safety issues.”

The project will entail landscaping of the pond, as well as making sure it is functioning to maintain water during a heavy rainfall. The project is expected to cost $230,000.

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