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Students at Barr Colony School show appreciation towards teacher

Grade five students at Barr Colony School are showing their appreciation to their teacher, Miss. Taylor Swatschina as part of Teacher Appreciation Day.

Student Morgan Blize says her teacher deserves to be recognize for her caring nature.

“She has a beautiful big caring heart and she thinks that about everyone.”

Classmate Kylee Gauvin says that she is always learning something new in her class.

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“She’s been teaching us a bunch of stuff we didn’t learn like division and fractions and everything. We’re always learning new stuff everyday from her.”

The grade five classroom won a contest put on by Boundary Ford called Squirrels Love Teachers, where their teacher Miss. Swatschina received a gift basket and the class was rewarded with a pizza party for showing their appreciation.

Student Hudson Korn says it is important to show your teacher you care.

“Most kids don’t really pay attention and when they do she’s usually in a good mood that way because when no one is paying attention there’s no respect towards her.”

Classmate Hunter MacDonald says his teacher is always helpful.

“I think Miss. Swatschina is the best because she’s really kind and helpful and she’s really funny.”

Teacher Appreciation Day recognizes the difference teachers make in the day-to-day lives of kids through education.

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