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Drivers and Bikers alike should be cautious on roads: Edge Harley Lloydminster

Drivers in both cars and riding motorcycles have a shared responsibility to watch out for each other on the road, says Edge Harley-Davidson Lloydminster.

There have been five motorcycle riders in Alberta killed in accidents over the last two weeks, which has prompted reminders about motorcycle safety. Some of the added risks to motorcyclists include a higher risk of injury due to being in an unenclosed vehicle, as well as lower chance of being seen due to the bike’s smaller size.

Blaine Falcon, marketing coordinator with Edge Harley-Davidson Lloydminster says that drivers should be extra vigiliant during motorcycle season.

“I think just using extra caution and looking before they pull out. Then have an extra look. When you’re changing lanes, look an extra time to make sure we’re not coming in your blind spot.”

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Falcon adds that it’s not just on drivers, but motorcyclists who need to make it a safe ride too. He says that riders should wear protective and reflective gear to ensure safety and minimize risks of severe injury, and remain seen at all times.

“You should know where you’re at in a vehicle’s vision lines at all times. You shouldn’t sit in a blind spot, try to make yourself as visible as possible. Just be extra cautious before filling a lane spot that you think is there, but may not be.”

May is also Motorcycle Safety Month in Alberta, which also has the RCMP and Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society putting out education and information over the month.

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