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2018 City cannabis survey shows mixed results from residents

A 2018 survey on cannabis done by the City finds residents have mixed reviews on the proposed cannabis legislation.

The online survey launched in April asked input from residents on the hours of operation for retail stores, zoning for cannabis retail, location for cannabis stores, business licence fees for cannabis retailers and the location of where people can consume cannabis.

City Councillor Jonathan Torresan says there is a wide variety of opinions throughout the City and there needs to be consideration given to both sides of the spectrum.

“I think what’s apparent is there’s a lot of people who want nothing to do with cannabis and don’t think it should be in their community and there’s a lot of people who want heavy restrictions on it. Inversely there is the groups that feel the exact opposite and think it needs to be treated like any other source of legitimate business.”

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According to the results, 77 per cent of respondents feel cannabis stores should have the same operating hours as liquor stores, whereas 22 per cent suggested their own hours of operation. In terms of the location of retail stores, 83 per cent they should be located in commercial areas of the City and 24 per cent said industrial areas.

City Councillor Ken Baker says there is still confusion about the cannabis legislation and the survey results showcase a strong support against cannabis.

“Right now there is a big push against cannabis in my mind, from the survey. We know it’s federal legislation, but I don’t think we have a strong support for that product from our community, whether you like it or don’t like it.”

The survey suggested that residential backyards, front porches or balconies were acceptable places for people to consume cannabis. However, 25 per cent of people said that there are no acceptable places for cannabis to be consumed in the City.

The survey had a total of 416 completed responses and in addition to the seven questions, 158 people shared general thoughts on the proposed cannabis legislation.

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