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Onion Lake receiving LTE tower upgrades by SaskTel

Onion Lake is among 37 communities receiving LTE tower upgrades to help with cellphone data usage.

SaskTel announced in a statement last week their plans to invest $4.6 million to increase wireless LTE capacity on towers in rural Saskatchewan.

SaskTel External Communications Manager Greg Jacobs says Data usage is growing at a high rate and communication company’s like SaskTel are looking to keep up with user demand.

“By adding  LTE carriers to these towers it will expand the (data) capacity of the towers between 20 and 100 percent.”

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The extra capacity will help people use data without being slowed down by a jam in network traffic. Jacobs adds the number of carriers added to a tower depends on LTE carriers on existing towers and the data usage of the area.

“Every tower will receive a different number of carriers depending on the use case. In some areas where we’re seeing more usage, they’ll add more than one carrier, in other areas where we are fairly close to capacity  but we don’t anticipate there will be exponential  growth then it will be one carrier added.”

For more information on the enhancements and a list of areas being upgraded go to

Written by Tre Lopushinsky,  106.1 The Goat

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