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City looking to replace street sweepers

The City is looking to replace their current street sweepers in order to keep up with industry standards.

Currently, Lloydminster has three sweepers that will all be replaced at the same time. Mayor Gerald Aalbers says there is a volume discount to buying all three at once.

“We have the same model all across so parts are interchangeable. There’s always challenges do we buy three or do we buy one and spread it out this has been debated over a number of years by councils. The administration has looked at it and I believe that the proposal they brought forward is the most cost-effective for us.”

Aalbers says the new sweepers will cost the City $1 million and is a budgeted expense. The proposal allows for the old machines to be traded in and possibly bring down the price of the new purchase.

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The City last purchased the street sweepers in 2011 and are due for an upgrade. Aalbers says replacing the machinery depends on the hours of use.

“It’s just like a car most of us look at our odometer but in heavy equipment like that, they look at hours operated on. At a certain point, there’s a cost of return or value starts to diminish so four to 5,000 hours is the magic number.”

The current sweepers are between 4,000 and 4,250 hours and will be expected to be used for 400 to 500 hours more before the new equipment arrives.

This year, street sweeping kicked off in May and is still taking place in some areas. Aalbers says the weather conditions dictate when the City can start the street sweeping process.

“Mother nature controls those conditions so as long as she cooperates we’ll be out sooner in the year, we’ll get it done sooner. If she’s a little later like this year then we’re out street sweeping a little later.”

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