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LCHS students take hands-on learning to new level

Lloydminster Comprehensive High School students take hands-on learning to a whole new level by working on an oil rig.

An Oil Filed Servicing class is in its first year at the high school as a pilot project that will now continue being offered for at least another year. Teacher Jeremy Thompson says the students learned all about the oil industry and servicing.

“They would of had between 40 and 50 hands-on tasks that we learned how to do and then, in addition, they got a range of tickets. Included in their student fee they got a H2S ticket, a first aid, fall arrest, TDG (transportation of dangerous goods) and WHIMIS.”

The students started their learning in the classroom with simulators on the computer then took their knowledge to an oil rig for three days. Grade 11 Cole Stephens says it was worth it to go on the rigs to get the experience.

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“The simulators on the computer it was almost exactly the same as on the rigs so you get a bit of a head start when you’re there and then slowly going through everything by the end of the first day everyone knows what’s going on and it’s a good experience.”

Thompsons says the school worked with Husky and Northern Lights to expose the students to the rigs, as well as more job possibilities.

“Now that they have this course employers are aware of who has this course and these kids can put it on their resume, as well as employers can seek them out if they need to.”

Stephens says he is pursuing engineering and this course will help him by providing background knowledge of the oil industry.

“Not a lot of people get to know what actually goes on hands-on they’re just kind of planning things so if I know what’s going on behind the scenes with the actual guys I think it might help for different jobs as well.”

This semester 20 students took the class and next year 30 students are already enrolled. Thompson says something they would like to see more of in next years class is females as there were none this year.

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