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Thieves steal 6 year old’s 4 wheeler in Marshall

A Marshall mom is still in disbelief that someone would steal from a child. Darcy Taylor and her family went to Lloydminster one afternoon to come to find her 6 year old son’s quad stolen. It was chained to a post in the front yard, but when they came home, the chain was broken and the quad was gone. Taylor took to social media and someone 4-wheeling found the quad full of mud and dirt and looking as if someone was riding it as it was being towed from a truck. Taylor tells Goat News her son was pretty upset since he worked hard to pay for the quad himself. Taylor says she thought having it chained would deter thieves, but they came onto her residence in the broad daylight. Taylor says she doesn’t think they will ever find out who the thieves are, but knows her son learned a valuable lesson.

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