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B.C Wildfire smoke has drifted into Lloydminster

Smoke from the B.C wildfires is affecting the air quality in Lloydminster and area. An air quality statement was issued by Environment Canada warning of poor air quality and reduced visibility.

The statement was released Wednesday at 4 am. During a wildfire Environment Canada notes “smoke conditions can change quickly over short distances and can vary considerably hour-by-hour.” Meteorologist Bryan Proctor says that the smoke has affected many areas and should be clear by the end of the week.

“The smoke has gradually surfaced across many communities. We are looking for those conditions to persist until we get a change in the atmospheric flow pattern which looks to be on Saturday.”

Poor air quality can reportedly lead to coughing, throat irritation, headaches or shortness of breath. Children, seniors, and those with cardiovascular or lung disease, such as asthma, are especially at risk.

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“Stay inside if you have breathing difficulties,” says Environment Canada. “Find an indoor place that’s cool and ventilated. Using an air conditioner that cools and filters air may help. If you open the windows you may let in more polluted air. If your home isn’t air-conditioned, consider going to a public place (library, shopping mall, recreation centre) that is air-conditioned.”

Proctor says that the wildfire smoke will affect the current heat warning in Lloydminster by decreasing temperatures.

“The particulate matter that’s associated with wildfire smoke tends to decrease are daytime highs by impending the incoming solar radiation.”


Updated with new information from Meteorologist Bryan Proctor.


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