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Meridian Roller Derby League looking for new faces

Lloydminster’s local derby team is looking for more people to join as they continue to grow. The league founded about five years ago has two teams, an adult women’s team called the Angels of Assault and a junior team named the Lloyd Monsters.

Currently, Angels of Assault have just under 10 players and are looking for about five or more women to join in. Member of the Meridian Derby League Mallory Clarkson says it’s a great way to meet new people and get some exercise.

“It will bring you into a community of athletes from across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Unlike traditional sports, it’s a come one come all so it’s different athletic abilities, different body shapes, different backgrounds, everybody is welcome.”

Clarkson says derby isn’t the most publicised sport, but there are teams in Wainwright, Edmonton, Saskatoon and most centres.

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For adult derby, the sport is full contact and the point of the game is to score points while the opposite team defends. The game has two key players the jammers who score points and blockers who stop the jammers from scoring.

“The point scorers or jammers have to make their way around the track and get through the pack or blockers of defence and they get a point per opposing player they pass.”

Clarkson says the Lloydminster team has been working with the teams from Cold Lake and Wainwright to find practice and scrimmage space in Vermilion. The team is also looking for a new home in Lloydminster.

“We do skate at the St. John’s Anglican Church, but it’s not big enough for a full-size track. In addition to the Vermilion practice, we are looking for a home in Lloydminster where we can actually set up a full-size track.”

The team practices twice a week all year and the derby season traditionally runs opposite of hockey. People interested in joining will have to bring their own equipment and can visit the teams Facebook page for more information.

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