Dusty Tucker

Dusty Tucker set out to play alongside four bands that inspired us each to create our own music; Cancer Bats, Norma Jean, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and Every Time I Die. Within the first five years of Dusty Tucker’s conception, we locked down multiple shows with three of the four. Every Time I Die remains in our crosshairs, and will stay there until the stage is shared.

However, Dusty Tucker’s past is just that and we are focused on the future. Our next record “The Western World” doesn’t just break the mold of its predecessor “The North Stone”, it skins it alive! The heavy sections are heavier, the soft sections are softer and the story continues. Every nuance is matured, calculated and captured accordingly. We are ready for bigger shows, bigger stages, and the opportunity to show the Canadian music scene that Dusty Tucker is here to stay, and will be a heavy hitter in the hard-rock/alternative world for years to come.

Whether it is a mainstream or cult following, the energy of our live performance, and the resiliency the band demonstrates will forever win over venue owners, promoters, other entertainers and fans alike.