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RCMP reminding drivers to follow school zone speeds this fall

When school starts up again in September drivers will be obligated to follow school zones speeds. Lloydminster RCMP says they are encouraging residents to slow down and keep their eyes peeled as kids begin classes.

Lloydminster RCMP Constable Grant Kirzinger says the speed limit is posted at 30 km an hour for a very specific reason.

“Reaction time decreases when you go fast so being able to have that extra bit of time is extremely important and it will make for a difference in a child’s life if for some reason they’re going across a crosswalk and you don’t see them or if those kids dart out in between vehicles.”

September 4 will be the first day of school in Lloydminster and school zones will take into effect starting at 8 a.m. to 9:30 then 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 until 4:30. Kirzinger says the 30 km an hour zones will be for all 18 schools in the city from elementary to high schools.

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“To help motorists to remember the importance of slowing down to 30 inside of school zones both Saskatchewan and Alberta governments have doubled speed fines inside of school zones, as well as playground zones. In Saskatchewan, we do have a zero tolerance policy for that as it is the safety of the children.”

Drivers will also have to keep an eye out for school buses as they begin there regular routes this fall.

“If you see a school bus with its arm extended and the lights flashing you need to stay back from that vehicle and provide the students with ample space to get on and off that bus. If you don’t see the child and the arm is out don’t pass that bus because the child might be out front waiting for their opportunity to cross.”

Kirzinger says there are fines up to $500 associated with passing a school bus, as well as a significant amount of demerit points taken away.

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