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Thorpe Recovery Centre looking for sober heroes

This September the Thorpe Recovery Centre is asking people to be sober heroes in order to end the stigma around addictions. The 30 day challenge requires a person to give up one bad habit and be held accountable for the month.

“It doesn’t have to be alcohol. It could be sugar, Netflix, gambling shopping anything you can give up and perhaps make a healthier change in your life,” says Business Development Assistant Sara Fox.

The program is in its third year and is a way for the centre to bring awareness about addiction in the Lloydminster community. Fox says one in five Canadians experiences a mental illness and or addiction in their lifetime.

“There’s so much stigma around it that people don’t reach out, they don’t ask for help and I think there’s a lot of negative connotations that are associated with addictions. If we can help people understand what addiction is, bring awareness to it we’ll be better off.”

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Sober heroes is also a fundraising campaign for the centre to help enhance their services. Last year, $2,500 was raised and this year Fox says they’re goal is to raise $10,000. Fox adds that the money will go towards a capital project to develop a 12-step garden on the property to provide a therapeutic space for their clients and families.

“Currently, our clients go for walks along the grid road by our property, which isn’t the most scenic or safe. If we can have a space right here that is recreational, therapeutic and a safe environment then we’d like to do that.

People can register to be a sober hero on the centre’s website. Fox says people can reach out to their friends and family for support to stay sober for the month.

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