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Local business looking to expand

Local business Walkn on Water is looking to redistrict their home from residential to commercial in order to accommodate growth. In November 2017, the property was approved as a home-based business, however, the city has determined that Walkn on Water has outgrown that category.

Councillor Stephanie Brown Munro says her biggest concern is that allowing the business redistrict would set a precedent for other home-based businesses.

“My concerns were mostly due to the fact that is it going to blossom into any business that’s a home-based business once they get big enough to expand wanting us to do the same thing for them.”

The business is adjacent to the downtown and is apart of what the city calls the Downtown Transition Zone. The transition zone is supposed to encourage retail and more residential development to be located close to the downtown promoting growth of the downtown core.

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Brown Munro says that her worry is that more businesses will develop in their homes instead of the downtown.

“There are a lot of rental spaces available and that’s the only thing I am afraid of is that it’s not really promoting those to get rented out or those building owners to have that revenue if you’re just going to open the business up within your home.”

Munro says she supports the business, but want to make clear that Walkn on Water is different than a small home business because the owners do not reside in their home.

The redistricting would see the business add six off-street parking stalls on their property in accordance with the Land Use Bylaw.

Residents will be able to share their concerns and opinion at a public hearing at City Hall, Council Chambers on October 15 at 2 p.m.

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