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Cannabis shortage shows high demand in Alberta: Plant Life

The AGLC announced last week that no more licenses will be issued due to cannabis supplies being at a minimum. Plant Life Regional Manager Tyler Stiger says he believes this is positive for the ongoing stigma, he says it shows that the demand is high Alberta.

“It shows how much of a welcome its been and change up, maybe, from whether its alcohol or other controlled substances that are on the market. Well, cannabis comes in and it’s like we almost ran out quickly so I think the stigma is slowly going away whether or not people like that.”

Stiger believes that the temporary suspension of new and ongoing licenses in processing is so the AGLC can take care of current retailers during the shortage.

“Only because we have been given the green light from the AGLC that as long as you’re a fully licensed cannabis then you’re set, you’re going to have product,” Stiger says the Lloydminster store hasn’t had any effect due to the cannabis shortage.

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Stiger adds that more competition will help Plant Life improve their operation and the growth of the industry as a whole.

“My condolences go out to all those people fighting to get their doors open because I think that it’s important to have a big splash in the middle of something that’s critical as what we’re going through now in Alberta where cannabis is now legal so we want as many people in the mix as possible because everybody is going to be feeding off of that.”

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