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Public School Resource Officer recommends online safety tips

School Resource Officer for LPSD, Cst. Grant Kirzinger, is offering tips to help parents navigate the world online with their children.

In a video posted to Facebook, Kirzinger discusses how social media and the internet are seeing more and more RCMP investigations. Kirzinger says it’s important to teach youth about internet safety.

“Social media and the internet are growing to be an ever more prevalent source of investigations for the RCMP and a consistent aspect of everyday life. Ensuring that proper measures are put in place to protect school-age children and youth is very important,” says Kirzinger.

Now that the internet is available on most devices, Kirzinger says that education on internet safety is valuable for our youth.

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“It’s very important for us to provide the information for students where to go, how to find the safety tips, or if they have any concerns or come across any problems, to know where to turn and look for assistance.”

In the video, Kirzinger mentions that internet access and social media can provide many positive benefits, like connecting classrooms with experts from around the world.

He adds that many negative aspects, like cyberbullying or self-exposure images, are common and that it’s important to prevent these before they start.

“Any time you’re able to provide someone with information that will protect them and prevent them from becoming a victim of a crime or experience adverse interactions on the internet or social media is a great idea.”

The video also addresses posting things or content that wouldn’t “look good on a resume.” Kirzinger mentions it’s important youth only sharing things they’re comfortable with lasting forever.

“We do our best to try and provide someone with information so that they don’t find themselves in a situation that can have both short term and long term negative effects.”

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