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Mayor Aalbers honours Literacy Week by reading to kids

Mayor Aalbers celebrated part of Literacy Week here in the Border City by reading to students at Rendell Park Elementary School. Literacy Week caps off with Family Literacy Day this Sunday to raise awareness about the importance of reading and writing. Mayor Aalbers thinks it’s a great time to promote the importance of reading to children.

“I appreciate the invitation from the schools to come out and speak to students and read to them because I think it’s important. Being able to read out loud is very important. I encourage that with anyone, and I hope parents and guardians have the opportunity to express that with the children they have and take that time,” says Aalbers.

Aalbers mentioned that he thinks it’s important for the students to interact with people from outside the school system. He had a great experience reading a few books to the students at Rendell Park Elementary School.

“It’s really nifty because of the expressions, and hearing the comments back from the kids. Especially if some of them have read or had the book read to them and some of them haven’t. There’s a lot of excitement in the air, kids are always exciting and so I enjoy being here.”

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The Government of Saskatchewan says that many events are held across the province to mark Family Literacy Day. Aalbers says that above all, this Sunday is about taking time to enjoy the act of reading with your family by turning off the TV, your cell phones and opening a book.

“I think that’s the most important part of it, is to ensure that people can actually focus on that book. I think that’s the most important and I hope people take that time as a family this Sunday to gather around for a bit.”

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