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Supreme Court rules oil well cleanup trumps debt repayment; PBO suggests Ottawa may have overpaid for pipeline

Well cleanup is a priority for bankrupt producers: Supreme Court

Bankrupt oil producers are still responsible for their equipment in Alberta.
That’s the judgment from the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled the cost of oil well cleanup takes priority over debt repayment. The ruling comes months after the Alberta Energy Regulator suggested the price tag for cleaning up Alberta’s oil sands would run hundreds of billions of dollars.

Ottawa may have been the loser in pipeline negotiations: PBO

A new report suggests the feds might need to work on their negotiation skills.
The Parliamentary Budget Office believes the entire Trans Mountain Pipeline is worth between $3.6 and $4.6 billion. That means the Liberals could have saved nearly $1 billion during negotiations with Kinder Morgan. And the PBO warns the value will keep dropping the longer the project sits in limbo.

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Blood pressure drug comes with high cancer risk: Health Canada

Health Canada is warning of cancer risks connected to a blood pressure drug.
These prescriptions can heighten the risk of getting a sunburn which can lead to skin cancer. The risk gets higher the longer you’ve been taking the drug. Health Canada is warning anyone taking blood pressure or hypertension medication to speak with your doctor.

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