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Tories force debate over Trudeau testimony; Cosmetic pet surgery no longer allowed in Alberta

Scheer calls for Trudeau testimony on SNC-Lavalin

Andrew Scheer is forcing a House debate on the SNC-Lavalin scandal.
The Tory leader is now calling for Justin Trudeau to personally testify before a justice committee reviewing the court matter. The Conservative motion calls for the PM to answer to allegations he was involved in attempting to meddle in the case.

Alberta vets vote against continuing cosmetic pet surgery

Alberta vets are now banning a list of controversial cosmetic pet surgeries.
Members of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association voted against procedures like declawing, tail docking, ear cropping, piercing and devocalization. Vets will also now have to report any suspicion of animal abuse or neglect.

Pence, Freeland meet in Colombia to discuss Venezuela 

The US is preparing to announce its next steps in the struggle for control of Venezuela.
Vice President Mike Pence will join Ottawa’s Chrystia Freeland in Colombia for the Lima Group Summit. Pence is expected to outline the newest US strategy to force Nicolas Maduro to hand over presidency power to the widely supported Juan Guaido. The move comes as Venezuelan officials continue to block aid into the country.

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