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CAPP urges Chamber of Commerce to vote for prosperity

Local business owners are urged to vote for energy in the upcoming Alberta general election. The Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce was addressed by president and CEO of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Tim McMillan, at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Thursday.

CAPP has released its own supplement platform for the upcoming election. The association’s “energy platform” focuses on regulatory efficiency, fiscal and economic policy, climate costs, and market access. McMillan grew up on a farm near Lloydminster and holds the city’s economic success very closely. He says the suggestions CAPP is making can help grow Canada’s energy industry exponentially.

“Our vision is that we can double investment in the next few years, that we can double the growth rate globally and overtake China and Iran and the oil side, and Iraq and Qatar on the gas side,” says McMillan.

He maintains that the four points of CAPP’s energy platform are real strategies for economic growth. In order to compete globally, McMillan says we need efficient market access through pipelines and liquified natural gas, an attractive investment climate, a solid climate change strategy that pairs with the investment climate and a streamlined regulatory system for new projects.

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McMillan adds that in his travels advocating for pro-energy policies, he’s heard frustration from Canadians. Especially in the prairies, he says people are hungry for the success of Canada’s energy sector. While promoting this platform, McMillan says it’s been very well received, even by political parties.

“We’ve already started to see parties bring out elements in their platforms that reflect what we say is important. We’d like to see that continue and we have to continue to support those sorts of actions.”

When urging those in the room to vote for energy in the upcoming elections, McMillan stressed that he’s not endorsing any one party or candidate. He told members of the Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce and guests at the luncheon to give their candidates an energy-based mandate. McMillan hopes to see these recommendations present to political candidates as common sense.

“My intent is that all parties would adopt it. Because of that, we’ve been very clear on what will grow the Canadian economy, what will grow the Alberta economy. Being clear and crisp on that, I think it gives all parties the ability to grasp on those solutions.”

President of the Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce, Dabir Naqvi, echoed the importance of CAPP’s message. The Chamber organized this luncheon in conjunction with CAPP. Naqvi sees the importance of supporting Alberta’s energy industry as it also supports the local economy.

“We’re supporting our energy industry with respect to getting these pipelines approved because it’s extremely important to our businesses to ensure that our products are being sent out of these pipelines to other markets instead of just south of the border,” says Naqvi.

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