Battleford PDS along with RCMP members from Blaine Lake, Shellbrook, and Big River assisted Spiritwood RCMP in the arrest of a Witchekan Lake First Nation man.

Police says they were called in after a complaint of a disturbance outside of a Witchekan Lake home on March 6. A man was allegedly drunk yelling at residents of the home and then ran when police showed up.

RCMP believe the man then went into a home a couple of blocks away to grab a gun. The male proceeded to yell threats from the house towards RCMP while pointing the gun at police and saying he was going to shoot people.

Police had barricaded the house. The male refused to comply with officers. When the male walked outside of the home without his firearm, police quickly approached the man and arrested him.

41-year-old Dwayne Witchekan faces 8 charges including carrying a weapon dangerous to the public. He will appear in North Battleford Provincial Court on March 12.

In relation to the incident, Freddie Witchekan and Jashlin Lewis have both been charged with obstruction and will appear in Spiritwood Provincial Court  April 23.