The past week of March 17-23 is recognized as National Impaired Driving Prevention week across Canada. Impaired Driving Prevention Week was established in 2018 and has been designated for the third week of March each year.

Its goal is to encourage everyone to help prevent impaired driving and to keep our roads and communities safe. Battlefords RCMP members work jointly with MADD, SADD, local governments, school boards, provincial and community organizations to raise awareness about the risks and consequences of impaired driving. Staff Sgt. Darcy Woolfitt of the Battlefords RCMP says this work is important for educating people and driving home the consequences of impaired driving.

“Whether it’s a criminal conviction, property damage or a fatality; there’s a wide range of consequences, and they do have a negative impact on the safety of our communities and the perception of our communities,” says Woolfitt.

Motor vehicle collisions involving alcohol, cannabis, prescription medications, illicit drugs and or a combination are the root cause for tragedies on Canadian highways. The RCMP says these types of incidents are 100% preventable and everyone can assist by being a sober driver, calling for a safe ride home. You can also report impaired drivers by calling 911 or the SGI “Report Impaired Drivers” program.

In 2019 alone, Battlefords RCMP members have charged 18 drivers for impaired driving. The statistics for 2018 show there were 109 drivers charged for impaired driving in the Battlefords Detachment area. Mounties ask everyone to please help keep our highways and communities safe when it comes to impaired driving.