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Jason Kenney rallies in the Border City

The leader of the United Conservative Party brought his campaign to Lloydminster this week. Mike’s Oilfield Service hosted a couple of hundred residents from both sides of the city to hear the UCP’s hopes for Alberta.

The rally brought together party members and supporters to excite residents about the UCP’s platform. Kenney highlighted an immediate repeal of the carbon tax and promised to join Saskatchewan’s court challenge of the federal carbon tax if elected. An excited crowd heard Kenney explore his party’s 117-page platform and responded with cheers.

Kenney also promised a referendum on equalization and pledged to protect services like education and healthcare. He hoped to highlight to everyone how important his campaign is, and inspire them to contribute to campaigns of their local candidates. Kenney warned the crowd not to get complacent and pointed to the last election as an example to avoid.

“We cannot afford complacency. We ended up with this accidental socialist government because too many of us took for granted out prosperity and our stability. We should learn from May of 2015 to never take it for granted again,” said Kenney in a speech.

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He encouraged everyone present to get involved through things like volunteering, ordering signs and other ways of showing support. Kenney also urged everyone to reach out to their family members to register to vote and participate in advance polls. Kenney pledged to them a promise to bring about prosperity if the UCP successfully forms government in Alberta.

“If we do that, I truly believe that even though we’ve been through some tough years, we will, with hard work and determination, be able to overcome this period of adversity. We will be able to turn Alberta once again into the beating heart of free enterprise in Canada. We will be able to offer hope to so many who have lost their jobs, their businesses, and even their homes.”

UCP candidate for the riding, Garth Rowswell, was present to hear the party leader’s rousing speech. He was very pleased with the turnout of the rally and see the support for Kenney. As the UCP candidate, Kenney urged everyone to show their support for Rowswells campaign. He’s been humbled by the support and appreciates the trust that’s been shown in his candidacy.

“I’ve been finding quite a bit of support, so if I win, I’ve really got to work hard to justify their trust in what I might be doing,” says Rowswell.

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