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Local teacher honoured with Arbos Award

An LCSD teacher has been awarded the highest honour for teachers in the province of Saskatchewan. The Arbos Award for Contributions to Education and the Teaching Profession has been given to Jason Almond by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.

The award recognizes teachers who have made outstanding contributions to education and the teaching profession that are broad and significant in their scope and impact. Almond is a vice principal at Holy Rosary High School who was nominated back in December. He wasn’t expecting a phone call from STF president, Patrick Maze, telling him that he would be one of the three award recipients for this year.

“I knew there would be lots of great people nominated across the province, and I never really thought that I would be an award winner. Just to be nominated among a lot of great people that I work with here and in our area is a huge, huge honour in itself,” says Almond.

Recipients of this award are selected from nominations submitted by local associations, special subject councils, teachers, trustees, directors of education, teacher educators or officials in educational organizations. Almond has been teaching for 27 years now, and in that time has deeply affected both his colleagues and students. One of his former students turned colleague, Becky Grassl, says he’s always been a source of compassion and kindness and is always looking to help.

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“Jason has coached numerous sports teams, MCs all our school events, cheers on teams and clubs whenever there is a game, concert or presentation and often takes on all the other jobs in the school that no one else seems to want. He constantly keeps students and staff needs in mind when making decisions and does it with a smile on his face,” says Grassl.

Glenda Kary, Deputy Director of Education for LCSD, agrees that Almond is highly deserving of the award. Kary says he exemplifies servant leadership with a can-do attitude. On top of his ideal attitude, Kary says he provides excellent support for his leadership, and all he provides for the division.

“The teaching professionals in LCSD are well supported through the program leadership he brings to internship and the evaluation of interns. He drives forward discussions and programming for students with varied instructional and learning needs. He leads division training and support in Faith roles and has been instrumental in the partnerships with our local parish leading youth development programs through the years,” says Kary.

Almond is very honoured by the words of his students and colleagues. He’s pleased to work alongside them and learn with them, attributing this success to people like them.

“It’s such a pleasure to be able to work with so many great people over the years, and have great role models in my earlier years, and ocntinue learning from my current administration colleagues, many new teachers that are working with us at the high school, and of course the students as well. Without them, these types of things wouldn’t be possible,” says Almond.

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