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Robinson hopes community engages for new education plan

Director of Education for the LPSD, Todd Robinson, hopes to see the community engage in a survey on the future of education. The Saskatchewan Government is asking residents their priorities for education to develop a new plan.

The current strategic plan for education in Saskatchewan is set to expire next year. The province is turning to its residents to determine just what kind of targets will be set for education standards. Robinson says that it’s an exciting time to see the Ministry of Education ask for input and that there may be important views that deserve a voice.

“There [are] obviously broad, overarching priorities that I think everyone would likely see, like teaching kids to read and write and to do mathematics, and those basic things. But we are in a different day and age right now. Our kids struggle with things like mental health and balance in their life. There are other overarching priorities as well that I think we have to be aware of,” says Robinson.

Robinson wants the community to feel like they had a chance to give a voice. The survey is very open-ended, asking students and non-students what they believe is the most valuable things for students to learn from 2020 until 2030. Robinson adds that while he can let the ministry know his views whenever he likes, it’s not really about what he wants.

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“This is an opportunity for parents, for business owners in our community that employ our students and businesses that look to hire our students full-time in the future, to say, these are the skills and assets that we want our kids to bring to the table in the future.”

The survey is available to the public online until May 10. Residents can find it on the LPSD website. Those who miss the window for the survey may also engage in a conversation with Robinson and board members on May 23 at the Legacy Centre. Robinsons says he’ll be taking all the information gathered from that night and present it to the ministry, and hopes that the public knows they’re welcome to join in on that.

“There are different options for people to get involved and to have voice, and I certainly hope people take the opportunity to do so,” says Robinson. The public engagement session begins at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 23.

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