The City of North Battleford will begin water line flushing next week to ensure distribution lines are operating properly and water quality is ideal. In a statement, the City says the unidirectional flushing will take place from May 21st to approximately May 31st.

The procedure involves moving water at a high velocity causing a scouring action to remove any build up from the line. The City says any material removed through the process is harmless and requires no special treatment.

Signs will be posted around areas affected blocks and residents will receive flyers informing them of the procedure. Signs will be removed once the procedure ends, which will be around 7: oo a.m. after beginning at 7:30 p.m. the day prior.

In cases where flushing takes a couple of nights, residents and businesses are allowed to use water during the day and not during the actual flushing process.  Water use while the flushing is active can result in stained laundry, plugged filters, and damage to hot water heaters. Once flushing is complete people are advised to run a tap closest to your water meter until water runs clear.

The neighbourhoods affected include Maher Park, McIntosh Park, Kinsmen Park and Riverview. Also, the west part of Centennial Park and Sapp Valley and most of the Downtown neighbourhoods will be affected as well.