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Rowswell highlights tradition, big boots to fill, in maiden speech

Garth Rowswell highlighted his commitment to traditional values in his maiden speech in the Alberta legislature. Maiden speeches are a tradition for newly elected MLAs. The new riding of Vermilion-Lloydminster-Wainwright elected Rowswell in April, which he explored more thoroughly in his maiden speech.

Rowswell called himself an advocate for tradition. He quoted the late writer G.K. Chesterton by calling tradition “the democracy of the dead”. He explored prescriptive by quoting Edmund Burke, calling it “far greater than any man’s petty, private rationality.” Rowswell had some shots for those who might disagree with him too based on the election results.

“We would do well to reflect on this over the next four years. Those in this chamber who are without, and might bawk [sic] at this sentiment, I might point out that the assembly is, for very good reason, a bastion of tradition,” said Rowswell.

Rowswell continued to say that the assembly observing prescriptive wisdom will provide the province with a measure of stability. He also expanded on the riding he represents, highlighted the most-populace places in its namesake. Rowswell paid tribute to the former MLAs who represented the ridings his own is made from, highlighting their success and contributions.

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“Both Wes Taylor and Dr. Richard Starke were popular, effective, and energetic MLAs. I now face the unenviable task of trying to fill not just one, but two big pairs of boots. These men battled hard to resolve issues for their constituents.”

Rowswell added that, while he faces a challenge, he’s thankful for the opportunity. He assured the house that he was an MLA for all constituents in his riding, not just those who voted for him. Rowswell received 79 per cent of the vote in the last provincial election.

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