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Aalbers brings oil & gas message to Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference

Mayor Gerald Aalbers and Councillor Jonathon Torresan have returned from the annual Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference in Quebec City. The event brings together more than 2,000 attendees, from capital cities to small communities, ran from May 30 to June 2 for municipalities to raise their voices and share ideas.

his year’s conference had addresses from major political party leaders ahead of this year’s federal election. Workshops and discussions included were held for attendees to share ideas and learn issues affecting other communities. Mayor Aalbers took it upon himself to share the message of Canadian energy with other municipal leaders, with the hope they can convey that message back to their residents.

“Because at a national level, it may have gotten a little clouded or distorted,” says Aalbers. “From a municipal perspective, we had the opportunity to give it to them face-to-face, answer their questions and discuss pipelines; how safe they are, and all the things that go with it, and how important energy is in providing resources, wealth and jobs to Canada.”

Aalbers says that great conversations were had both day and night with other leaders across the country. He adds that Lloydminster has a unique position as a bi-provincial city that is apparently well-known across Canada. Fielding a number of questions about the Border City, Aalbers took it as a great opportunity for the city to be heard.

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“Everybody talks about this Border City and asks, how do you make it work, and how do things happen there? It gives us a great platform to speak about what makes up our city and the benefits of being in both provinces. Dealing with two governments, and working through that process challenges us some days as well, but I think it was a great opportunity to showcase our community.”

Other discussions included the handling of transportation, broadband internet, recycling, waste management, opioids, and other issues impacting communities across Canada.

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