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Canadian soldiers being pushed to the limit responding to climate change disasters; Sleeping woman left in plane at Pearson International

Military responding to more disaster caused by climate change.

Canadian military members are being pushed to the limit because of climate change. The CBC reported that a top commander said soldiers have responded to six climate disaster in each of the last two years. Most were fire or flood-related. They were only deployed to one in 2016, which was the Fort McMurray wildfire.

Woman saved from airplane after being locked in after landing

A sleeping woman was left on a plane. She was flying Air Canada from Quebec City to Toronto. She apparently woke up in a pitch-black, locked airplane. After attempting to use the radio in the cockpit, she managed to open one of the plane’s doors and was eventually rescued by grounds crews. Air Canada is investigating the situation.

Iranian citizens impacted by U.S. sanctions

U.S. sanctions on Iran are hurting the country’s citizens most. The Associated Press reports Iranians are blaming President Donald Trump’s economic pressure as the two nations continue to butt heads. They are pointing fingers at their own government as well. Tensions escalated last week when Iran shot down a U.S. drone and Trump aborted an attack last minute.

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