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People’s Party names candidate for Battlefords-Lloydminster

CORRECTION: Previously this article stated the PPC plans to abolish the GST. The platform will have it phased out for tax points of equal value to the provinces and territories.

The People’s Party of Canada has announced their candidate for the 2019 federal election in the riding of Battlefords-Lloydminster. Jason MacInnis has lived in North Battleford serving as a tax consultant and the proprietor of MacInnis Process Serving, a legal courier service.

As a founding member of the Battlefords-Lloydminster PPC, the party says he embodies its core values of respect, freedom, fairness and responsibility. In a statement, the PPC calls MacInnis a “loud proponent of lower taxes, fair policy and personal responsibility.” MacInnis says he looks forward to the election and has heard dissatisfaction from both major parties, which he hopes to provide an alternative to.

“We are a conservative party, we’re not just the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party in the last few years has morphed into something a little different,” says MacInnis.

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MacInnis says the CPC is currently pandering to similar groups as the LPC. He also calls the Conservatives’ pledge to remove the federal carbon tax and change it to a levy on large emitters as a less apparent carbon tax that will ultimately affect consumers. MacInnis also says a PPC government will pull Canada out of the Paris Climate Accord.

MacInnis says he and his party want to bolster freedom of speech wherever it may be hindered, pointing to complications around Bill C-16 and preferred pronouns as an example. He says his party is also looking at drastic tax reform, including phasing out the GST in favour of tax points to provinces and territories, which he believes will save individuals and businesses an extra five per cent in taxes. The PPC also plans on overall lower tax rates for individuals, farmers and small businesses, and abolishing the capital gains tax.

Overall the PPC plans for a smaller federal government. The party plans on “bringing Canadian immigration under control” by prioritizing economic immigrants and closing down irregular crossing points into Canada. The PPC plans on a re-evaluation of the equalization program, pledges the completion of pipelines, the elimination of inter-provincial trade barriers and the abolition of corporate welfare.

The party’s platform includes respecting legal firearms owners and cracking down on criminals. It plans on incentivizing provinces to reduce wait times to improve healthcare and reducing foreign aid in favour of a domestic focus.

MacInnis says he’s done quite a bit of doorknocking already and plans to keep the momentum going. He and his team have signs and other campaign materials on the way, including a comparison of platforms across the other parties. MacInnis adds that they’re a bit further to the right of the political spectrum than other federal parties, but says they’re as right as the CPC ought to be.

“We’re just trying to offer something different. We’re appealing to voters who want to vote for the party that shares your beliefs, as opposed to not wanting someone else in power and voting for the next best guy. [sic] We’ve been stuck in that for too long; you vote for the Conservatives because you’re mad at the Liberals. You vote for the Liberals because you’re mad at the Conservatives. Why not vote for a party that will actually fix stuff?”

Anyone looking to get involved with his campaign, request campaign materials or get to know him, he suggests contacting his Facebook page named “PPC Jason MacInnis”.

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